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Incorporated company

Initiate business activities with Chilean tax company (SII), selection of the type of company and incorporation to start your sales in Chile.

Consultancy to apply for governamental funds

Evaluation of ideas and projects with expert evaluators to help you reach the funds you need. Counseling is free for a percentage if you are awarded funds.

Chilean tax workshop

Don’t know what taxes you have to pay? We help you with the forms and the management of the SII website in this 2-hour workshop.

Bootcamp Workshop

Develop the entrepreneurial skills to start a business for the first time. It is aimed for people who want to be an entrepreneur but do not have a clear idea of how. The workshop allows them to find an idea for ​​entrepreneurship and take it to the level of business idea to apply for funds.

Elaboration and project management workshop to applied for governmental funds

It is aimed at people who have an idea and need to know what steps to follow to accelerate their path to becoming a company. Including the application process to the different governmental and private funds. (This is the most complete workshop)

Governmental funds workshop by field of work

Delivers necessary concepts to understand the different funds and their application method. Corresponds to a workshop that focuses on each fund in detail and only serves people with a defined business idea or who have completed the Bootcamp workshop.


Corporative Image

Logo design and basic stationery with standards manual.


Design, hosting and self-managed website domain, for different devices, and email configuration. You can add the blog service or shopping cart and transbank, and web pay for an additional fee.

T-shirts, bags, stickers and banners

Printing of promotional items with design included, from 10 units.


Self-managed media plan

Complete media plan with channels and tips to personally manage each medium according to your field of work.

Management of social networks

Community manager work for social networks with weekly goals and monthly metrics.

Content Manager

Content writing and research for blogs and websites, with monthly, weekly or daily publications and social networking connection.

Visual media

Corporate Videos

Videos with journalist research for companies. Emphasis on services, products and brand image.

Explanatory Videos

Animated videos to show products or services and how they work.

Videos to apply for funds

Explanatory videos of ideas and projects focused on the regulations of each fund and with the guidance of evaluators.

Audiovisual coverage

Coverage and journalistic administration of events, seminars and workshops.


Books and Editorial Edition

Design, layout, editing, style correction and printing of books of all kinds.


Imaginary, illustration and comic of all subjects.

Heritage, cultural and artistic workshops

Design, methodology, implementation and realization of cultural, artistic and heritage workshops with emphasis on children and seniors.

Historical research projects

Bibliographical and field research. Interviews and application of qualitative research methodology.

Workshop for the application and management of cultural projects for FONDART, Ley Valdés and FNDR

This workshop review different cultural funds and their guidelines and application process. Reviewing important points of with advice from evaluators. Review of projects to apply.

Management of Cultural projects

Management plan, includes touristic activities, museum activities, archive methodology and heritage conservation plan. Identification and safeguarding of cultural assets. Research in field.

Architectural heritage

Evaluation and documentation of historical buildings. Restoration, rescue and reuse of historical building.

Touristic Guides

Training for guides of tourism in different languages. With focus in the sustainability of the environment and the rescue of intangible Chilean heritage.


Katherine Vergara

Master in Social Sciences from the University of London, Evaluator Fondart, Corfo, Seed Capital. University Teacher and founder of the Peep Tours App (Tourism Business). Executive Deputy Manager of Entrepreneurship CORFO SAFF lines. Winner of the Public Market, Quiero mi Barrio Program, Becas Chile, FNDR, Fondart and Start Up Chile.

Miguel Ángel Ferrada

Designer and Writer, Creative Director at Pink Fire South America (Agenda Pascualina), Teacher at Adolfo Ibañez University, Arcanum IV Editorial Director, Mortis Writer, Eternal Return Doctor Mortis. Winner of FONDART in different lines and Nodo del libro.

Daniela Viviani

Illustrator and writer licensed in Japanese, Writer of Cabra Lesa and Maldita Jefa Editorial Planeta. Expert in Digital Marketing and Content Manager of Editorial Salecianos among other companies. Winner of FONDART in different lines.

Jorge Torra

Engineer University of Chile, manager M.D.M. SA and former manager CESMEC. Experience in business, management and evaluation of projects.

Carla Pérez

Electronic Engineer of the UTEM, Founder of MioExo (Biotechnology and Health) Winner of S Factory and Start Up Chile SEED.

Pablo Vergara

UI/UX designer, web services and programing. Expert in information architecture. Cofounder of Peep Tours. Design focused in the user and winer of Start Up Chile SEED

Victoria Reyes

Interior designer, teacher of construction school. Expert in reconstruction and restoration in adobe and lime stone. Production of exhibitions in museums, and construction of artistic furniture.

Elizabeth Saunders

Anthropologist, Masters in Digital Anthropology from UCL. Chief of Staff and Program Director of the Innovation Accelerator Group at University of California, Berkeley. Co-founder of Triprise, Founder of Rooomers. Expert in communication, cultural training and entrepreneurship training.

Pablo González

Historian from the Universidad de Chile, Master in heritage management. Researcher and writer of oral traditions. Historical research for the program Quiero Mi Barrio.